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Acorn Charm

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Keep this charm with you to discover your strengths and your potention.


An old proverb, “Great Oaks grow from little Acorns”, aptly portrays the power of an Acorn, its potential and its strength.

Oaktree grows up to 70 feet and lives for more than 1000 years, collecting the wisdom, stories and lessons from all those years and producing as many acorns along the way.

And it all starts from a tiny Acorn.

Keeping an acorn symbol near you is considered lucky if you wanna grow strong in any venture that you take on, be it business, fitness or spiritual pursuits.

Or just keep it to unravel the strong potential within you.

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Product Dimensions L 17.63 mm X W 9.52 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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