Adinkrahene in its literal sense means the “King of Symbols (Adinkra)”.  Being an ideogram of leadership, greatness, and charisma, Adinkrahene, also forms a base for designing other popular sacred symbols. The three concentric circles explain the ideas and deep concepts through visual representations.  Adinkra symbols are said to be created by the Akan of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote D’Ivoire in 1800s mainly for the communication purposes.

The symbol mainly pictures the top leadership, i.e. God to be the sole king reflecting true greatness and wisdom. It curbs the negative influence while building new phases of supremacy, sacred ideas and lastly the supremacy. Interdependence and integrity are some other meanings Adinkrahene is connected with. It is believed that the symbol was inspired by the Almighty as in the need that each community should have an ultimate leader to rule and represent all at once. This is why Adinkrahene is the king of all 70+ Adinkrahene symbols.

All the Adinkra symbols bear decorative functions but showcase objects encapsulating evocative messages having connections with wisdom, environment, and with varying aspects of life. Its simplicity in design has been inspired from the message of leading a simple life irrespective of modernization in thoughts and ideas.

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