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Air Element Pendant

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Everything surrounding us has evolved from a combination of the five basic elements namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Ether. These collectively refer to the classical concepts in ancient Greece, Ayurveda, and other prevalent cultures. Air is one of these five basic threads which are highly responsible for our existence.

Its Importance among Different Cultures

The ancient Greek culture separated air into the one surrounding us and the other one lying higher above the clouds. They defined it to be accommodating the darkest and the brightest sections of our universe (Aer and Aether).

In Hinduism, Air (Vayu) is considered as a primary deity; father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Lord Hanuman. It symbolizes the breath of life-sustaining the other four elements of this universe. Om is believed to be directly associated with the air, as per the Hindu mythology.

Although it is not one of the traditional Chinese elements, Qi and Chi are still connected to it. So it is indirectly a force or spiritual energy driving life/cosmos. Moreover, Enlil was the air deity in ancient Sumer. This all specifies the importance of air in mythology and the occult world across different cultures.

Some Other Deities Connected to the element of Air

The deities connected with air include Tane-rore, Urania, Araidia, Aether, Boreas, Cardea, Steribog, Urania, and Thoth.

The Zodiacal Connection of Air

Air is basically attached to the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It rules the Third, Seventh, and the Eleventh houses. The three zodiacs connected to it exhibit intense curiosity, eternal attitude, and intellectual aptitude. Dreams about Air/ Wind represent energy, life force, support, and motivation. The Vayu generates vibration in the entire cosmos and the same vibrations at the micro level are responsible for sustaining our lives. Air people possess intense flexibility with the ability to adapt to the new trends readily.

Importance of Air in our Lives

Air is an exact representation of spiritually inclined faith. It also tells us to believe in the things that we can’t see, but feel. The best thing about it is that it manifests itself in the most humane way possible. Air makes us more cooperative and objective. It polishes our idealism to a shiny bright asset that can accomplish anything in this world. Moreover, it enhances our intellect and overall communicative skills.

Airy people are very smart thinkers and easy to go. They exhibit abstract reasoning and usually know how to deal. Their airy attitude makes them extra alert, perspective, and curious. Being inventive and clever is what comes pre-embedded in their circuits. So Air signers are like a sweet summer breeze which may sometimes howl like a wind when their equilibriums are stirred upset.

Why one should have this Symbol?

If you’re not an air signer then don’t worry. There are some symbols that are particularly designed to unite the defined cosmic effect and your soul. Buying and retaining these symbols affect our lives in a more positive way. Symbols carved with the element of Air bring growth in our lives. These symbols impart a 360-degree approach to bring refreshment, joy, fun, and happiness from all the directions. The sign bearers are also called the kings of the east.

It balances your Life

Air symbols create harmony by setting up equilibrium. They give you enough courage to take risks, try new things, and to go through periodic self-analysis sessions. With these in hand, you get to move new people who are potentially the ones to pave your path towards growth and improvement.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium , Enamel
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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