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Anja Chakra Charm

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Ajna Chakra

Ajna chakra is the sixth of the seven main chakras and is also known as the third eye in some traditions.

It is said that the human body has ten doors of communication through the outer world. Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, anus, and sexual organs constitute nine of them and the Ajna chakra is the tenth door

Ajna chakra helps us communicates through the higher realms.

In Sanskrit, ‘Ajna’ means ‘command’. Because this chakra requires a level of awareness where mind to mind communication is a possibility.

This chakra is symbolized as two petal lotus, representing an idea and Pingala nadis. The two petals also imply the union of two opposite forces of Shiva and Shakti or Yin and Yang.

The Beej mantra is ‘Om’.

Ajna chakra lies directly and horizontally behind the eyebrow center.

When this chakra is energized and activated, it results in powers such as clairvoyance, intuition, telepathy and knowing what is the right choice, effortlessly.

This chakra governs the pineal gland in the physical body. Thus, governing the sympathetic nervous system, biological clock, hormones, nervous systems and all biological rhythms of humans.

Ajna chakra acts as both antenna and transmitter of signals from the outer world and thus governs behaviors and impulses.

Psychic awareness, strong will power, razor-sharp focus, accurate decision making, desirable emotional control, highly developed intuition are the most relevant skills in today's world, which are almost always considered superhuman. But all these skills are within reach for a person with activated and energized Ajna chakra.

Having an intention to have such a developed level of existence is the first step towards actually being one. Let us offer you this token charM to remind you of your true purpose.

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