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Ankh Charm

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The Egyptians gave us this hieroglyphic that we turn into a charm for you which will in turn bring you good luck and will help you achieve everything you desire.


The other names for the Ankh are, “Key of life” and “crux ansata’, Latin for a cross with a handle.

Goddess Hathor, the Goddess for fertility and women use the Ankh to put a new lease of life by keeping it under the noses of those who need it.

The loop symbolizes the vagina and the cross below as men’s genitalia. Thus, symbolizing man and woman in complete harmony.

Keep the Ankh with you as a good luck charm, if you are looking forward to having a child or if you are searching for your better half or just want a new lease of life.

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Product Dimensions L 17.27 mm X W 7.41 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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