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Apana Mudra Pendants

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Apana Mudra

Another term used for Apana mudra is ‘the Purification mudra’.

Elements balanced by this Mudra: Space, Fire and Water.

Method: Touch the tip of the thumb with the tips of the middle finger and the ring finger, while keeping the other two fingers straight. Keep the palms facing upwards.

Benefits: Apana mudra is suggested for eliminating wastes, toxins and chemicals from mind and body. It not only detoxifies the mind and body but also generates energy in the gall bladder and the liver. Hence this mudra also helps in diabetes, fat metabolism and blood purification. This mudra is also suggested to people suffering from constipation and piles. Since it detoxifies the mind also, this helps in countering insomnia, depression and stress-related issues. It is also believed that practising this mudra helps during childbirth.

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Product Dimensions L 15 mm X W 5 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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