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Ba Gua Pendant

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Bagua can be referred to as an “energy map”.

Bagua is traditionally used to regulate and redirect the flow of energy, by manipulating positive and negative chi.

Bagua has eight trigrams, each having three broken /yin and unbroken/ yang lines.

The 8 trigrams represent 8 aspects of human life. 1. Fame and Reputation. 2. Abundance and Prosperity. 3. Family and Community. 4. Love and Relationship. 5. Helpful People and Travel. 6. Creativity and Children. 7. Career and Life Mission. 8. Wisdom and Knowledge.

Bagua is used by Feng-shui practitioners, to balance the energy of a place.

When you wear it, it carries the intention of balancing the energies of your financial, social, psychological, physical and spiritual life.

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Product Dimensions L 29.74 mm X W 27.23 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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