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  • Apr 05, 2019

Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra is known as Navel chakra is the third chakra of the seven main chakras. ‘Mani’ in Sanskrit means ‘jewel’ and the word ‘pur’ means ‘city’.

The word Manipura means ‘the city of jewels’. It is referred by this name because of the intensity of pranic energy at this chakra. Just like the Sun which radiates energy that gives life on Earth, the Manipura chakra distributes pranic energy to the human body.

According to Tantra Yoga, your awareness starts to expand at this level, where we differentiate ourselves from other animals.

Manipura is symbolized by a ten-petal lotus with an inverted triangle in the centre symbolizing the energy of the Sun.

It’s beej mantra is ‘Ram’.

The Manipura chakra is located at the middle of the spine directly behind the navel.

Manipura Chakra is directly responsible for the absorption of energies in humans at all levels.

At the grosser level, it dictates the absorption of nutrients from food and at a subtle level, it dictates the absorption of prana from the food that we consume and from the air around us.

Manipura chakra is the centre of instincts. It governs your reaction when confronted with a situation.

Manipura chakra is also responsible for the functioning of intestines and general vitality of the body.

Manipura Chakra is the centre where your ambition takes place. It makes you dynamic and a go-getter.

At the level of this chakra, people start questioning their attitude towards life and their place in the scheme of things.

An imbalance in Manipura chakra causes bowel movement problems, inability to absorb nutrients, diseases related to intestines, low vitality and low energy levels.

If you want to be dynamic, extroverted and full of vitality, find a way to balance, purify and energize your Manipura chakra. And this charm will help you in strengthening your resolve for doing just that.