How do Mantras get their Magical Powers?

How do Mantras get their Magical Powers?

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  • Oct 10, 2018
How do Mantras get their Magical Powers?

"When you recite a mantra, you make yourself positive, pure and your vibration is very penetrating." – Yogi Bhajan

What is a Mantra?

Mantra is not the name of a god or goddess or of a person. It is not a holy word or part of a hymn.Mantra is not sacred, nor is it a tool for concentration. It is a vehicle for expansion of mind and liberation of energy.—Swami Satyanand Saraswati

Scientifically, mantas are the words, vibrating at a specific frequency, capable of influencing the divine matrix or universal consciousness.

Mantras communicate with the universe through their sound forms, which when seen through a tonoscope (an instrument to see the shape of the sounds) resemble incredible geometrical patterns called Mandala.

Power of Mantra

In Tantra,it is believed that mantras have the power to influence the totality of human consciousness and destiny.

All the sacred books of all the faiths have very vehemently stressed upon the transformational powers of mantras. In Jainism and Hinduism, mantras are believed to be so powerful as to change your future, your health, your financial status and even your legal situation.

Scientific capabilities that exist today have proved the health benefits of chanting mantras unanimously.

The famous otolaryngologist Dr. Alfred A, Tomatis, has conducted detailed studies to prove the fact that by using music and voice at different wavelengths of high and low frequencies we can cure plethora of maladies.

He developed a treatment method called the Tomatis Effect, by which he successfully helped many patients in overpowering depression and other mental problems, developing fast learning skills, improving creativity and job performance.

Read more about Tomatis Effect here.

According to the researchers, at Cleveland University, the powerful therapeutic and harmonizing effects of chanting are attributed to the Neuro-Linguistic Effects and Psycho-Linguistic Effects created by the continuous and rhythmic chanting.

These effects signals brain to produce more of healing and harmonizing chemicals in the body.

Researchers have found chanting mantras to be a very potent in reducing sports competitive anxieties.

Neurologists like Dr. Alan Watkins from Imperial College, London and Dr. Marian Diamond of University of California, Berkeley have found that chanting not only decrease heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones but also increases immune functions.

Mantra : a powerful tool for Vibrational therapy and Quantum transformation

Laws of Physics say that all and everything vibrates.

“Whether or not we hear it, everything has a sound, a vibration all its own” – Joshua Leeds, ‘The Power of Sound’.

Since everything has a sound and vibrates at a certain frequency, the anomaly in its resonance creates imbalance and diseases. Various internal and external environment factors can create these anomalies.

As per vibrational therapy, mantras are such powerful sound waves that they can correct out of tune vibrations and bring the physical body or mental thought waves to their natural positive resonance.

Mystics have believed that beyond physical and mental transformation mantras can penetrate time, space and dimensions by their divine geometric sound forms called Mandalas or Yantras.

The famous Italian Sientist Galileo Galilei also said that the geometrical shapes is the language, Universe is created in and which it understands.

In ancient scriptures, it is explained that each mantra vibrates at a particular frequency, which becomes its territory of influence.

To explain it in a simple language, if you want to attract money and prosperity, mantras matching the wealth frequency are chanted. For developing intelligence and wisdom, mantas with similar frequency are invoked.

As per the universal law, like attracts like. So when you are chanting prosperity mantra regularly, the vibrational frequency of the mantra changes your vibrational resonance to the frequency of wealth and that frequency attracts the material things matching that frequency into your lives.

For thousands of years, people in eastern civilizations have known and used this knowledge to ease their lives. With passage of time, common people have forgotten the science behind mantra, but in scriptures it still exists.

This knowledge is going through a modern day renaissance under the umbrella called Quantum Science. Mantras are one of the tools, described in ancient Indian scriptures, to harness the divine energies.

Swami Satyanand Saraswati said that if you chant a mantra with one-pointedness then the effectiveness of mantra increases but if you say a mantra with a dissipated mind then its effectivity decreases.