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  • Apr 05, 2019

Muladhara Chakra

In Sanskrit, ‘Mool’ means base or root and ‘Adhara’ means to support. Thus Mooldhara means ‘Basic Support’. Mooldhara is known as Basic chakra is symbolized as a lotus with four petals having beej mantra ‘lam’.

This chakra is located at the root of the spine and is the seat of Kundalini energy.

It is also referred to as ‘the springboard for higher levels of understanding’.

Kundalini energy in our body dictates the level of our spiritual growth and quality of our physical body.

The Mooldhara chakra governs our instincts of ‘self-preservation’ and ‘self-survival’.

It is also known as ‘chakra of action’.

A dynamic person or a highly successful individual usually have energized mooldhara chakra.

If you have a habit of procrastination, it indicates that your basic chakra is depleted.

Basic Chakra also governs the muscular system and blood production in your body.

If this chakra is over-activated, you suffer from insomnia, hyperactivity and restlessness.

And when it is under-active, your physical body gets fragile and weak, the healing becomes slow and depression and suicidal tendencies take hold.

A malfunctioning basic chakra may result in arthritis, rheumatism, spinal problems, blood-related diseases, heart diseases, etc.

In Taoist Yoga, Mooldhara chakra is referred to as ‘chang Qiang’ meaning abundance in strength.

You wanna grow strong mentally and physically, make efforts to balance your basic chakra. And what a beautiful charm to remind you of doing just that.