What is Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry?

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  • Oct 10, 2018
What is Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry?

Some people call it “the architecture of the world”, some referred to it as “fingerprints of God”, we can also define it as the blueprint of God consciousness or the creation itself.

Everything in this Universe and beyond is created on the principles of Sacred Geometry.

If you go out in the nature and observe things carefully, you will see patterns of geometry being repeated everywhere. You can observe these patterns in the bulbs of sunflowers, in the shells of the chambered nautilus, in the shapes of the beehives, in the arrangement of cabbage leaves, in the flower petals, in the snowflakes, in the shapes of the mighty galaxies themselves. These patterns are mirrored everywhere around us, on the earth, in the sky and in the water.

It is being said that Sacred Geometry is the graphic representation of consciousness. According to this theory, all consciousness, universal and human functions on the rules of sacred geometry and hence can be understood by it.

Ancient Vedic, Egyptian, Greek and Christian texts were abound with this esoteric wisdom of geometrical shapes and their connection to the nature. Unfortunately, this science has been long lost and people who are trying to rediscover it are labeled as superstitious.

But the ancients knew the truth. The truth about existence of geometry in every matter in the existence. The truth about patterns repeating themselves from a small cell to the majestic universe. They knew that the shapes in sacred geometry are the key to understanding and communicating with the universe.

Sacred Geometry, Consciousness and modern science.

Cymatics, the study of sound waves, a scientific branch pioneered by the Swiss doctor and scientist, Dr, Hans Jenny, proved that each sound has a geometrical shape.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, proved that our thoughts and words affect the geometrical pattern formation of a water molecules.

Einstein propagated the “Unified Field Theory” and “Theory of Everything”, in which he suggested the presence of the universal intelligence or field .

With these theories he tried to understand the connectivity of time, space and matter with the forces governing the Universe.

This concept of “the field’ or “Universal Consciousness’ is also acknowledged in the field of Quantum Physic.

Phenomenon like Observer Effect, Phantom DNA, the Double Slit Experiment, Quantum Entanglement have all challenged the current understanding of the Laws of Physics.

Nassim Haramein works as the Director of Research at the Resonance Science Foundation, Hawaii. He proposed that all space is occupied by energy and whole Universe is connected through it.

Nassim explained the idea of Holofactographic Universe, where he studied the fractal (infinitely repetitive patterns) and holographic and geometric properties of this energy that is reflected in the microcosm as well as macrocosm of the creation.

John Hagelin, is a Phd in Consciousness , who has done researches on unified field theory in CERN and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. He believes that the whole universe is one single field of energy. And all the matter in the Universe; stars, planets, oceans, trees, animals, including us, are just waves of vibrations in this ocean of energy. And ultimately we are all connected and just one energy.

Sacred geometry and nature

Have you noticed that the branches of trees, our fingers, and the veins on the leaves have similar fractal growth patterns?

Are you aware that the electromagnetic field generated by our heart and the electromagnetic field generated by our planet Earth have identical torodial-shape energy pattern?

Whether it’s the plant sampling bursting to come out of its seed, or the human embryo growing inside the womb, or the bird embryos inside of their eggs, or the expansion and vibratory patterns of the galaxies, they all share the same geometrical patterns.

Nature follows the mathematical formulaes of Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence for creating all objects and events, from spikes on sunflowers, to seeds inside fruits to tornado formations and galaxy shapes.

Sacred geometry and spirituality

Once you start observing the patterns of geometry in things, around you in nature, and beyond you in universe, you experience a spark of realization.

That truth is not what is seems. That all and everything is connected to each other. That we are but a tiny part of a massive reality. That these geometrical patterns are the key to something greater beyond our understanding.

In Vedic texts on Tantra, the language to communicate with the consciousness for manifesting desires was written in the form of, geometrical diagrams called Yantras and the sounds with matching geometrical forms called Mantras.

The sages in eastern civilisations have used these tantric geometrical patterns to connect to the divine consciousness and spirit.

Practical Usage of Sacred Geometry.

Scientist have been using sacred geometry through sound healing , music therapy, light therapy , Bio Geometry and vibrational therapy.

In energy healing practices like Pranic Healing, Reiki, Qigong and Tai Chi, energy is manipulated and results are achieved through visualization and sacred geometry.

When you buy a yantra to harness your intentions, whether for wealth or for wisdom or for any other purpose, you are using the secret code of sacred geometry to manipulate the universe.

In ancient times, the places of worship were constructed using geometrical ratios and figures. Whether the medieval cathedrals in Europe or Temples and monasteries in Ancient Greece and India or the pyramids built in Middle East, all the architecture produced intensely concentrated energy generating places.

Even today, when you visit these places of worship, you can feel the peaceful vibrations of the residual energy.

For ages, people have been visiting such places for wish fulfillment and healing.

In a Nutshell

The fundamentals say that, everything in the cosmos is one form of energy or another.

Everything and everybody is vibrating with this pulsating energy at different frequencies.

The ancients believed that geometry is the language that can be used to change these frequencies to the higher frequencies for creating and manifesting the lives of our desire.

And Sacred Geometry is the key that is to be used to manipulate this one field of pulsating consciousness either in the physical form or in sonic form or in thought forms.

These specific geometrical shapes are considered sacred because they bridge the gap between expected and miracle. They bring together science and spirituality.

In the next blog we will delve deeper into various shapes of sacred geometry.