Supernatural Science Behind Yantras

Supernatural Science Behind Yantras

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  • Oct 10, 2018
Supernatural Science  Behind  Yantras

Science Behind Yantras

And their Supernatural Power

No! You can’t touch these if you haven’t freshly taken a bath.” The priest looked so shocked while stopping us that we thought we were about to commit some kind of felony.We were at the temple to borrow the consecrated yantras for the housewarming pooja, which is traditionally performed while moving in a new abode.

The yantras are worshipped and prayed upon in homes and offices, to purify and supercharge the energies of the place. And it is kind of a must ritual if you are moving into a new place so as to cleanse the lurking negative energies.

Eventually, the priest himself carried the Yantras to our house and placed them at the altar making sure no one else touched them.

Since childhood, we were taught to treat yantras with reverence because they have mystical powers but this interlude with the priest piqued our curiosity. Upon asking, the priest explained, ‘a consecrated Yantra acts as the conductor and transmitter of the powerful energies of the residing deity. If you adulterate it with unclean energies, the yantra looses its potency and may even anger the deity.’

But being fed on modern scientifically inclined education system, my mind wanted to hear more. Some theory, some logic, some explanation. Anything that can give me gratification of unraveling a universal secret. So, I set upon finding the logical explanation of science behind yantras, and I did find my belief.

Why use Yantras?

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for ‘ a machine’.

The specific geometrical pattern of a yantra harnesses the particular spectrum of positive energies. These energies helps to materialize specific goal like wealth and prosperity, success and fame, knowledge and wisdom, progeny and health, etc.

Few yantras have been known to deflect negative energies and black magic. Such Yantras have been used as protection amulets.

Yogis have constantly experienced that concentrating and meditating on a yantra gives them a gateway to a higher level of consciousness.

How do Yantras work?

Swami Satyanand Saraswati has written in his memoir that when he was young and meditated on mantras, he would see peculiar geometrical figures.

At that time, he was not given the knowledge of tantra. He went to his Guru, and asked for an explanation. His Guru replied that what he was seeing were the visions of the creation itself. His visions of geometrical patterns contained the same shapes that are used in Yantras.

Swami understood that the yantra is the language of unconscious or the dialogue between unconscious and the universal consciousness.

The takeaway for you and me is that, we can harness and manipulate energies to manifest our desires from universal consciousness. And Yantras are the language that we can communicate with.

You can read more about his experiences and understanding of Yantras over here.

Yantras, Sacred Geometry and the Universe

"The universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word." → Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist

It has been reiterated, “mathematics is the language of Gods.” Dr. Michio Kaku, a famous theoretical physicist has said that the creator or the God as we know him is the greatest mathematician.

In his latest work, Prof. Kaku has stated that we live in a mathematical world or ‘matrix’. The Universe is a mathematical correlation between sound and form. All matter is nothing but a mathematical symmetry of vibrations and frequency of energy particles.

So where do yantras fit in this theory?

Yantras are the physical representation of sound vibrations of their specific mantras.

Dr. Hans Jenny, a swiss medical doctor, researched on the power of sound to create shapes. He named the study of effects of sound upon matter as Cymatics.


Image on the left is the image created by a device called tonoscope by projecting the matra ‘Om’ on coloured sand on a steel plate. The image on the right is the Sriyantra , worshipped in Hindu scriptures as the most powerful yantra with a seed mantra ‘Om’.

Yantras are not the figment of someone’s creativity or mere symbols of a certain faith, they are infact the geometrical patterns that appeared to spiritually developed yogi in the high meditative state of Samadhi.

Even the mathematician of modern age confessed that the geometry involved in the yantras is so complex that even today with modern mathematics, it would take a life time of trial and error to come up with such patterns without computers.

So, why are Yantras important?

In Tantra, yantras are considered as the physical form of divine and powerful energies and mantras are considered the energies themselves. These energies have the power to transform consciousness and create realities.

As per Law of Attraction, thoughts are the form of energies that go out into the universe and attract similar energies to the source. Energies are nothing but waves with vibrations and frequencies.

If thoughts are energies they vibrate at a particular frequency. And in the universe of vibrations and frequencies, like attracts like.

Not only our thoughts our words are energy too. And thoughts and words together have a compound effect on the vibrations we are generating.

From time immemorial chants and spells have created magic.Cymatics says that sounds create geometrical forms. One thing it doesn’t say is that geometrical forms can change our thought frequencies.

This is the reason sages from ancient times have chosen yantras to meditate upon. When yantras are meditated upon by chanting their own sounds (their seed mantra), they become power generators of the associated energies within you.

The geometrical patterns on a yantra is the language of the universe and upon channelizing, it transcends multi-dimensionally to manifest the users thought frequency.

So, basically a yantra along with its mantra can help you focus your thoughts to the life you desire.

Yantra alters the frequency of a place. Geometrical patterns of Yantra, changes the vibrations of the space it is placed in.

In an article published in Leonardo (MIT Journal press, feb 2005), Bill Witherspoon presented a very interesting research on Sriyantra.

In his experiments, Bill drew giant Sri Yantras in dry lakes among other experiments. He found an increase in the fertility of the soil, a continuous increase in rainfall in that desert, an increase in the population of plants and animals.

In another experiment, he discovered that blind people could locate a hidden Sriyantra behind a painting in art gallery by feeling the peace and happiness coming out from that painting.

He concluded in his article that “Certain geometric structures enliven and amplify specific laws or forces of Nature. When these laws or forces of Nature become stronger, they consistently influence the total environment, including human physiology and consciousness.’

You can read the paper here