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Blue Bird Charm

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This captivating totem will bring happiness and contentment into your life, filling it with positivity and hope.


As beautiful as the bird is, its meaning is even more enchanting.

Bluebirds are known as spirit animals, and they signify happiness and all positive sentiments are attached to these alluring creatures.

Bluebird reminds you to devote your soul to admiring the ample beauty of nature around you and setting all your hearts desires free from temptation. It leads you to a happier much content lifestyle.

Bluebirds will lead you to the right path whenever you find yourself at a crossroads.

This charm is especially effective for people who get too busy in the daily hassles of life and find themselves to be frustrated and can’t find any reason to keep going. Bluebird will give you hope and desire to be happier in life.

It will bring better days to your lives and will show you how many beautiful days you miss amidst all the flow of the corporate world. All you have to do is give your gratitude’s in the morning and hold the bluebird as if you’re in front of God or his angels asking him to give all the happiness you deserve and trust me the universe will make it happen.

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Product Dimensions L 13.39 mm X W 16.83 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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