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Buddhi Mudra Pendants

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Buddhi Mudra

Sanskrit term ‘Buddhi’ means intellect. This mudra is also known as ‘Jal-Mudra’, Jal meaning water.

Elements manipulated by this mudra are space and water.

Method: Join tip of the thumb with the tip of the little finger, while keeping the other three fingers straight. Perform this mudra with both the hands with palms facing upwards.

Benefits: This mudra improves mental clarity. Buddhi mudra is believed to develop intuition and helps you process messages from your sub-conscious. It is meant to counter many diseases that are related to water element in the body, such as, constipation, skin diseases, etc. This mudra also proves beneficial to people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

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Product Dimensions L 15 mm X W 5 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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