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Chan-Chu Charm

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Keep away all the negative and corrupt vibes using this charm which will ultimately attract and protect your wealth.

Chan Chu: The Good-Luck Toad

What if I tell you that the frogs which appear creepy to us actually triggers wealth and good luck? Obviously you’ll take it in a good laugh. But yes, it’s true.

The Chan Chu, also called Jin Chan (in China) is a popular Chinese symbol of prosperity and wealth, which is commonly known as the “Money Toad” or the “Money Frog”.

Jin Chan actually is a red-eyed and three-legged bullfrog which is shown sitting on a pile of the traditional Chinese coins, with one in its mouth and is believed to appear (on a full moon) near the houses and businesses that will soon receive a good news.

Feng Shui beliefs exert that the Chan Chu attracts and protects wealth, and block both bad luck and the negative influence. 

The best this symbol does is that it also converts the wrong decisions into fruit bearing results and ultimate prosperity. So now when next time you see a bullfrog, don't be afraid. Who knows if it is there to help you with a good news.

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Product Dimensions L 15.20 mm X W 11.68 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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