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Cho Ku Rei Reiki Pendant

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Protect and heal yourself with Cho Ku Rei


Just like how a switch compels the energy to flow, Cho-Ku-Rei serves the same purpose in this living world. Its purpose is to multiply the channelized energy which is also evident in the meaning of its name i.e. the power is here.

Drawing the symbol intends to transmit the energy to the physical plane and to the physical presence (body) of the desired patient.

Besides being an anti-energy leak symbol, Cho-Ku-Rei also stands as a symbol of protection and empowerment.

It activates the first three chakras to produce harmonization in everything we do.

The symbol is very much helpful to the patients as it serves to protect and heal them when drawn in their palms or as a tattoo on their skins.

Moreover, its efficiency in retaining the channelized energy depends upon its symmetry. Both clockwise and anticlockwise designs influence in a positive way.

Wearing Cho-Ku-Rei as tattoos or in jewellery protects us from any undesirable physical and mental state, and thus keep us strong inside. It strengthens our beliefs and provides a whole new level of confidence to overcome even the hardest riddles in life.

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Product Dimensions L 18 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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