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Christ Consciousness Pendant

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Christ Consciousness

This symbol carries different meanings to the different communities, cultures, and religions. While some use it to represent an ascended soul, the others refer to the state of consciousness attained by the people reaching to the Mental Planes (Intellect over time and space).

It is often associated with the Brahmajnana (God's Realization) which is a Samadhi state attained when the spiritual energy unites with the seventh Chakra, also known as the Crown chakra.

This state is characterized by the opening of hridayam (spiritual heart) which shuts back again exerting that no Samadhi is permanent.

Some even see this symbol as a source of moksha/mukti which seems logical on the part of the different mental planes people with this type of consciousness attain.

People believe that wearing this symbol induces perfection in everything.

Moreover, it improves an individual on spiritual grounds. Building peace, wholeness, and harmony is its prime features.

Possessing this symbol brings balance as it teaches us to adapt to Christ-like Consciousness to act at different points of the time. From imparting enlightenment to crossing all the fields (attaining Mukti), this symbol is a bridge that takes a soul through the different phases of life in a comforting way.

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Product Dimensions L 16.88 mm X W 15.45 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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