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Claddagh Charm

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This charm will conspire with the universe to bring you love, friendship and loyalty.


Irish believed that their Celtic jewellery had supernatural powers. Especially, the high society Celtics used to invest in the traditional Irish jewellery with the hope to stay safe and fortunate.

Claddagh is one of the most popular Celtic designs due to its good luck in attracting love, friendship and loyalty.

The design includes three things, the heart for love, the hands- symbolizing friendship and the crown-representing loyalty.

This powerful symbol is not only popular among romantically involved but is also a traditional gift.

It is given from mothers to daughters or grandmothers to granddaughters as a wish and blessing to finding and keeping their true love.

Invest in Claddagh and send the wish, to Universe, of finding your soul mate.

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Product Dimensions L 17.61 mm X W 12.54 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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