About Copyright

       Copyright is kind of protection offered under Title 17 of the US Code to the authors/makers of novel works of artistic appearance. Many other countries either have similar laws or endorse international agreements with the United States when it comes to copyright. This law allows the author/maker of the work to have the sole right to make copies of their products and averts others from making or selling illegal copies. The designs are to be registered with the Library of Congress and offer for legal fees, costs and financial damages to be collected in United States Federal Court from dishonest businesses that do not stand by the made laws.

Copyright law does not guard an idea, only the specific appearance in a fixed form. Certain designs of Purple Blessings are copyrighted and illegal duplication and sale of those parts will be considered as theft. Purple Blessing, the original designer of the part, does not receive any monitory benefit from the unauthorized sales. It ends up losing the prospect to sell its genuine product in the market.

As the makers of forged products earn the profit, stores selling these fake products can be branded as selling stolen goods. The Customs Service of US helps to sustain copyright law in cases where goods are smuggled into the United States and have the authority to examine and/or confiscate items that trespass on US copyrights.

Copyright laws guard the development course behind the innovation and ensure that no one just steals a design and sells it to make easy money.

 Designs copyrighted by Purple Blessings

All the jewellery designs visible on our website are copyrighted and are illegitimate to copy it. We take action against anyone who tries to copy our design and always take the legal route against them. We constantly monitor online platforms to ensure that any Purple Blessings styles for sale through those venues are genuine.

Purple Blessings has invested immense time and resources while developing new designs and hence want to ensure they are not copied by competitors. We strongly believe that implementing our copyrights also safeguards our customers, who have chosen our products trusting premium quality and originality.

However, we boost people to integrate our component into your jewellery creations as per need. Ideas can be picked from our website or parts can be purchased to recreate the same design them. But in case you make and resell the design, do share credits to Purple Blessings.