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Cornucopia Charm

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As the name goes, a horn of plenty, it will fill your life with an abundance of fortune, luck and harmony.

Cornucopia: The Horn Of Plenty

This large horn-shaped symbol is mythologically very mysterious as there are multiple explanations to its origin, often confused with the modern depictions of the same.

Talking about the strongest belief, the symbol represents the horn of the goat Amaltheia (Nourishing goddess) who fed Zeus (The God of Pagan Greece), her milk while he escaped from his devouring father Kronus in an attempt to survive. Zeus extreme powers once accidentally broke one of her horns off while playing. The symbol thereafter stood to symbolize eternal nourishment, abundance, thanksgiving, and prosperity.

Not only as a container of fruits, Cornucopia, is also tattooed for body art as in Halloween for fertility and fortune.

You might have also seen this symbol in pendants, lockets, rings, and bracelets apart from also being fashioned out of wicker, paper wood, metal, ceramics, and stone. From being a ritual tool to a sacred symbol associated with the Goddess of Luck, Wealth, and Harmony, Cornucopia holds an exclusive spot in sharing roots with the divine power.

It's symbolism for abundance came out of Akshay-Patra (inexhaustible vessel) which Surya (Sun) gave to Yudishtira to hold never-ending food for the Pandavas. Its complicated geometry appears fancy, which is why it has also engaged the fashion world with its existence. The symbol also induces a sense of being a good guardian (from the peripherical interpretation).

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Product Dimensions L 9.31 mm X W 15.92 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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