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Dodecahedron Necklace

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Dodecahedron is one platonic solid which has been associated with the Third Eye Chakra for around 2000 years and is so mystical that it compels our body and mind to observe things more deeply.

Its facets and geometries have a positive exertion which makes it very popular among the assets like jewellery, show pieces, scriptures, paintings, etc.

Being an idealized form of the Divine thought, idea, or will, contemplating Dodecahedron creates a phase of meditation with the divine.

It is an embodiment of the sacred Ether which is said to supercede nearly all matter planes, creating an intellectual blueprint to conquer the concepts of time and space. 

The 12 faces attribute to the 12 zodiac signs which directly connects it to the soul.

Dodecahedron exerts the need to meditate in the wake of the supreme power i.e. God to finally unite with him after the life ends.

The geometry is a framework for the descending energies of the spirit.

It brings a time when the divine forces lead their way whether there is any sort of understanding or not. This is why it intends to make life simpler even during the most complicated situations like the lack of vision, solutions to a problem, blocked action responses, etc.

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Product Dimensions L 18.5 Inch
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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