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Dove Charm

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Follow your heart. This is a situation where you are being asked to walk in faith - and be true to yourself. Let this charm bring you an abundance of peace, love, freedom and purity.


When you think of a dove, thoughts and words of peace, love, purity and freedom flashes in mind.

Doves are one of those few creatures who mate for life. They are legendary for their love, loyalty and care for their fellow beings.

Dove is so unique in their constitution that they are the only birds in nature, who produce milk to nurture their young. This oddity makes them a true symbol of nurturing and caring.

Greek mythology depicts doves resting on the hands of Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, who is said to be born in a chariot drawn by doves.

In Hindu culture, a huge dove is the ride of the God of love, Kamadeva,

Aztecs believed that the Goddess of love, Xochiquetzal, descended on Earth in the form of a dove.

In Christianity, doves are the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Slavic believe that upon dying your soul turns into a dove and flies to heaven.

Whether your heart is missing on fidelity and longs for true love, Or you wanna forge some strong bonding with your child, invest in the dove charm and make a commitment to bring some peace and love in your heart.

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Product Dimensions L 14.43 mm X W 17.34 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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