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Earth Element Charm

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Being the fundamental of every other element and us, Earth is actually the metaphor to the materialization of our desires. Yes, it is known by the name of our planet because only this element shows the need for grounding and connectedness to the soil. In Hindu mythology, Earth is known as Prithvi, the mother goddess. Prithvi is said to be the personification of sometimes mother and sometimes the Earth itself moving in duality with Dyaus Pita “father sky”.

However, in Greek philosophy, Earth is one of the four metaphysical/classical elements. In Later occultism, Earth was believed to carry the sensual aspects of life and death, as inferred by the hero cults and the chthonic underworld deities. According to the classical Roman and Greek myth, goddesses like Persephone, Demeter, Pluto, and Horae represented Earth to be associated with the seasons, crop, and fertility. It was also a vital element used in Greek medicine that states its Vedic significance.

How does this element affect us?

Earth is all positive except for its fierce mode. Its energies facilitate our manifestation by putting down firm roots/base from which our desires, hopes, and dreams grow into reality. The power of earth holds is evident from a volcano eruption or an earthquake. A soul without this element lacks connectivity to the soil, and also the base for new beginnings, growth, stability, and attraction. There are signs that are born with this element. Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn enjoy this benefit. These people are a pro at enjoying every moment of their life to the last bit.

They can see the big up-comings but wait for all the pieces to integrate. This shows the level of patience this element imparts. Moreover, Earth shows us the significance of nature, and that it must be protected and admired. This is why people born with this element are great nature lovers. The peace, wholesomeness, harmony, and integrity are some of the qualities that are gained in connection to the Earth.

Why you should have these symbols?

Earth is the base of nearly everything we survive on. Its symbols coordinate the inner workings of our soul/spirit along with those numerous cycles of energy transformation. It connects you with all the creatures living around you. That feel of connecting with the unknown, like roots with the soil, establishes harmony and union, which is very much needed in today’s world.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium, Enamel
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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