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Elephant Charm

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Fortify your life with peace, intelligence, beauty, power, dignity, and good luck that resonates from the majestic elephant.

Elephant: A Mighty Symbolism for Luck

You must have seen elephants being washed and anointed with oils and colours during different festivals in India. The reason why elephants are given such treatment is because of their symbolism for peace, intelligence, beauty, power, dignity, and good luck.

Many communities even have their beliefs aligned with the famous saying “Keep a lucky elephant at your doors to restrict bad luck and to allow only good to come inside”.

Having elephants as statues, paintings, tapestries, wall hangings, or even in jewellery is said to protect the house and its inhabitants against negativity.

Elephants actually managed to gain this sacred spot due to Lord Ganesha (son of Lord Shiva), who was also a personification of these powerful role models.

In fact, elephants also account for the Goddess Lakshmi, which is why they are also the symbols of huge wealth and wisdom.

In Buddhism, Buddha’s mother once dreamt of an elephant (white) which bent down to give a white lotus to her. It then proceeded to circle around and entered inside her womb thereby indicating a divine omen to take birth in the form of Siddhartha Gupta (Buddha).

Besides other meanings, Elephants are indicative of low temperament (unless provoked), patience, will of listening, confidence, resoluteness, purity, and rigid towards the attainment of goals.

So, wearing jewellery with elephant details has also been a trend as it reminds the self to stay strong but peaceful inside even though your power is known to you.

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Product Dimensions L 13.93 mm X W 15.86 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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