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Ether Element Charm

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Ether, also known as “Mandala” (Universe) and Akasha (in Sanskrit), is actually space which the other elements fill. A system can exist only if there is a universe to sustain it. Same is the case of this element, which denotes the essence of emptiness and signifies its importance. But still it is less understood because quantifying air, water, and earth is possible, but quantifying space is almost impossible. In Greek Mythology, Ether means “pure/fresh air” which Gods probably breathe, filling up space where they lived, and exactly the air breathed in by the mortals of that time phase.

It is even considered as a deity Aether, the son of Nyx and Erebus, in traditional Greek Mythology. Ether Is also an important concept used to stabilize the “aether theories” made to explain the propagation of the gravitational and electromagnetic energies. Alchemists used to call this Quintessence. Being known with its purity and panacea, many alchemy students thought of isolating it from the classical elements to use it for medical purposes.

How does this element affect our imbalances?

Ether is believed to fill all the empty space within one's soul. In this fast-moving world, everyone’s got a different plan to work for. We have the least time to consider people around us, which leads to emptiness and a sheer sense of isolation. This is when Ether comes into action. It wipes off the negative feelings and induces positivity like it fills solitude in one's life. Ether bears no limits and expands infinitely, teaching to be never bothered of the boundaries and to excel every obstacle coming. It assists in moving outward, away from the center of oneness.

Due to its expansive nature, it causes one to differentiate. This is where we tend to know our actual worth. Our mind is in direct connection with this element. In fact, it is composed of ether. So here, it creates the space for other things to fill. It involves transmutation, divine intervention, ever-prevailing nature, and energy in motion. So it targets to wipe off the negative energies from the body and tries to fill all the empty space with some positive spiritual vibes.

Why you should have these symbols?

Nowadays, this element is available in the form of crystals, scriptures, and paintings which are believed to fulfill its requirement in life. Being composed of Black and white, it means to glorify life with all the vibrant colors. Deities like Vishnu, Shiva, Allah, and Brahma have themselves created this element along with the other deities mentioned in the Greek and Roman tradition. Symbols of Spider and Chameleon contain ether because they symbolize the art of weaving and changing life.

Among crystals, the most sought ones are the Quartz, Shiva Lingam stones, Zebra Stones, Phantoms, Meteorite, and Angel Aura. They can be worn comfortably around the neck or wrists, or can even be kept at your residence.

So this was all what Ether is about.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium , Enamel
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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