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Fire Element Charm

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Fire has always been a participant in the development of many civilizations, traditions and cultures. Although it is connected with different historical contexts, it is however also popular for being one of the vital metaphysical constants of the world. Agni, as we know, is a deity in Hindu mythology. He is known as the God of fire and for his acceptance towards sacrifices. It is believed that fire signifies immortality as it is re-lit every day. With the 3 known forms of Agni named fire, lightning, and the Sun, it is also in deep connection with the Mars/Mangala which is responsible for prosperity in lives and peace to the surroundings.

However, in the ancient Greek Culture, Fire was considered as one of the four classical elements; associated with qualities like passion, energy, and assertiveness. It was Pre-Socratics who proposed Fire as its archaic to reduce the entire cosmic energy to a single substance. Fire has also been a part of Roman culture, where it is believed to be the fundamental element that has composed all other vital elements of this planet. The belief that our soul is made up of water and fire is an outcome of its active legacy only.

How Fire affects our daily-life imbalances?

Venus, the planet of passion, rules the element of fire. It is everything connected with your ingenuity, manifesting will, and the power that fire energies are applicable to. Fire drives bravery and helps in moving with some new positive beginnings. This means that it amplifies our risk-taking traits and intuitions.

Feng Shui states Fire to be embodying our enthusiasm, movement, spiritual radiance, and feelings. It affects our mentality by diverting our energy through the path of creativity and productivity. It governs our actions. We start feeling some kind of spark within us, fueled up with confidence and self-belief. Moving into the energy of fire means to be getting consumed, transformed, and lifted out like a cloud of smoke.

The zodiac signs that come under the element of fire include Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. They thus are believed to carry high energy vibrations accompanied by some creative and insightful passions for every moment of life.

Why you should have this symbol?

The bearers of fire don’t have to seek spark and enlightenment from outside. They rely on their inner light to move past through the mist and darkness. Moreover, they are an amazing risk-takers due to which the probability of magic been happening to them is also high. It boosts our enthusiasm, focus, self-esteem, and confidence; which is enough for a complete personality transformation.

It’s just that some signs lack the presence of fire in their signs. These are thus more likely to be dull, afraid of the consequences, and shy at first type of people. But by retaining the Fire symbol/stone/crystal you can sail through each one of them. Doesn’t matter in which form, but the presence of Fire in our lives is essential.

Fire-Oriented Crystals/Stones

Amber, Gold, Ruby, Sunstone, Carnelian, Bloodstone, and the Tiger’s Eye are some of the most popular stones/crystals sought to retain the element of fire.

Among animals, Tiger, Lion, Dragon, Scorpion, Phoenix, and the Lady Bug are in great demand.

Besides all these, the pattern of Sunflower, Thorn, and Basil helps in inculcating the benefits of fire.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 13 mm
Polish Rhodium, Enamel
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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