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Flower of Life 2 Pendant

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Flower of Life

This geometrical figure is made up of several evenly-spaced circles, overlapping in a hexagonal symmetry to form a flower-like pattern.

It is called “Akashic Record” sometimes as it is seen as an ultimate registry to have all the information regarding human beings.

You can see it carved on the flooring of Golden Temple in Amritsar, in Hampi, Buddhist Temples, mosques of Spain and in some Japanese temples as well.

Imparting spiritual values to the prevalent cultural and religious aspects, the symbol emerged out to be a mark of dominating time and space.

It provides healing, creativity and brings peace to life.

Many people use it even today to eliminate the negative (supernatural) influence in other individual's life. This is why it is also called the “Seed of Life” or the “Fruit of Life”.

This never-ending cycle of life is deeply explained by this flower in the form of underlying structures, connection of soul and the universe, alignment of energy to the higher frequencies and lastly as enlightenment.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who explored the Flower of life but couldn’t crack its codes till the end because he believed something mystic in its existence. It's not just a symbol. It's a bridge connecting all forms of positive energies to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

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Product Dimensions L 19.28 mm X W 19.28 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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