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Fruit of Life 2 Pendant

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Fruit Of Life

Often known as the 'Holy of Holies', this symbol evolves out from the Flower of Life and is treated as sacred for the same reason.

The 13 circles of this geometry consist of 12 fundamental principles that we can implement to our daily existence. Adapting to these 12 sub-states is believed to take us to the higher level of consciousness, which is much needed to apply the maximum of our limits to whatsoever we do.

The deep spiritual aspects of life are hidden in the design of this symbol.

The Fruit of Life symbolises truth, love (for self and others), beauty, and knowledge.

Moreover, it also represents wisdom, wellness, wholeness, abundance, and technology.

It's a beautiful pattern which is popular in jewellery, paintings, books, and as tattoos.

The belief goes that the owner of any one of these things attains empowerment, transformation, and finally freedom.

Its essence brings us face to face with the reality and the systems based on the temporary external power cease to exist.

The knowledge, technology, and abundance induced by this geometry empower an individual to practice his/her actual potential without restrictions.

Its believed that the financial condition prospers after getting attached to this symbol. Not only financial, but the symbol also awakens our physical and spiritual wellness, thus stabilizing our lives with peace and harmony. Curbing negative vibes is also one of the reasons why it comes under the category of the sacred geometries.

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Product Dimensions L 20.78 mm X W 20.78 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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