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Ganesh Phurba Pendant

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Shatter negativity with its dagger and attract positivity and well-being with Ganesha's blessings.

Ganesh: The Vighnaharta (the Remover of Obstacles)

Lord Ganesh, holds a very crucial spot (in fact the first one) in the spiritual guides and sacred books in Hinduism.

He’s, in fact, one of the most loved deities in the Hindu Pantheon of Gods. This elephant-headed God’s symbolism serves as a reminder to manifest the energies confined within us.

He is also the God of prosperity, wisdom, and auspiciousness, outside India as well.

Every part of Lord Ganesh’s body has a special meaning and significance.

The trunk, for example, represents the Moksha (union with God), teaching to follow the path of bliss. Long ears to listen more, axe to cut off all attachments, large stomach to digest all good and bad, mouse to have desires under control, and small eyes denote the need to be concentrated in life to achieve higher efficiency.

He also symbolizes consciousness which is rather omnipresent and unidirectional.

Ganesh in the form of a statue, jewellery, paintings, etc. has been in demand since ages because his presence restrains the inner purity to come in contact with the outside negative influence. It retains power and positivity inside, which leads to peace, prosperity, and union of mind with the soul to attain Moksha.

The energy chakra associated with him underpins all other wheels and represent material well-being, conservation, and survival.

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Product Dimensions L 49.07 mm X W 17.94 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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