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Golden Ratio Pendant

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Golden Ratio: Simple Maths or a Sacred Figure?

While Mathematics treat Golden Ratio like a simple ratio of two quantities where their result is equal to the ratio of their sum to the larger of the 2 quantities, there is also a deep sacred meaning hidden behind this ratio.

It's often said that this number links past to the present. The ratio's spiral geometry replicates growth patterns of nature and human beings.

It also represents creativity, balance and universal harmony for its usage among completely contrasting fields of science and arts.

Like in music, it means rhythm in life.

In spiritual regards, this ratio symbolises regeneration/growth for the final reunion with the Almighty. It is believed that the Breathe of Brahma sustains the balance of the golden spiral describing gunas, siddhi and the vibratory nature of energy.

The Language of the Universe is another spiritually defined name given to this ratio.

This golden spiral is even believed to spiral you to the soul awakening. The varying dots of spirit like love, truth and balance are said to be connected through this spiral golden ratio. So due to this 360° usage, Golden Ratio is also stated as a sacred ratio with connections to the beauty and spirituality of life and nature.

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Product Dimensions L 30.14 mm X W 18.77 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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