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Gordion Knot Charm

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Gordian Knot

This knot shares its history with Alexander the Great who cut the Gordias' knot with his sword back in 333BC. The result followed the prophecy that the one to unbound the knot would become the King of Asia.

Alexander with this extraordinary wits cut the knot instead of trying to untie it. The knot thus fetches its importance and history in reference to the King only.

Since the original knot was hard to untie, it, therefore, symbolises the impossibilities of life. It is believed that it assists in clearly looking to the hardships with new hope and energy.

This symbol is believed to induce an out of the box approach towards problem-solving.

The sacred geometry sees it as the first shape that emerged (doughnut-shaped Torus Tube).

This shape is also known as the shape of existence as it is found surrounding the atoms, molecules and all other cosmic energies.

The knot bounds the three universal forces (positive, negative, and neutral) to impart the Holy Trinity, creativity, and the ability to think out of the box to solve impossible things in one go.

Due to its hard-to-solve design, the knot is often called as the Eternity Knot or the Celtic Knot. We have this knot today in the form of jewellery, tattoos, paintings, etc. to be blessed with miraculous intellect and patience.

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Product Dimensions L 16.73 mm X W 14.91 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling silver
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