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Hamsa Charm

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keep this charm near you and you will be protected from all the evil and cursed energies around you. No harm will come your way and you will enjoy a prosperous life.


The Hamsa, also known as the Khamsa, the Humes hand, the hand of Fatima, the hand of Miriam, has been interpreted by various scholars as Jewish, Christian or Islamic amulet.

It is also a pagan fertility symbol and a kabbalistic power amulet.

Some use it to ward off the evil eye. Some Jewish, use it as a symbol for multiplying like fish.

In Kabbalistic manuscripts, it is said to have the effect of creating a bridge between the worshipper and God.

When you own a Hamsa, you derive assurance in your heart, from it, that you will be protected from the evil eye and will have happiness and luck in your life.

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Product Dimensions L 22.87 mm X W 16.49 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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