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Happy Heart Charm

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Heart: A Symbol Defining LOVE

Now almost every one of us is aware of the meaning which this symbol actually stands out for. It's Love isn't it. In fact, it is already the universal symbol of Love and humanity.

It symbolises the moral, spiritual, emotional, and the intellectual sides of a person. An ancient group of physiologists stated that this symbol doesn't primarily points out at the real human heart but is a core depiction of something more sexual in our surroundings and nature.

Today, Heart does not symbolise the love only but also represents joy, charity, and compassion. 

In the spiritual context, the heart is an icon used for truth and honesty.

In the past days, alchemists and the people connected to the supernatural world used this symbol for chants, summon, spells, etc. to bring love and romance to the desired point.

You must have seen these symbols exchanged as jewellery between couples and wherever the bond of love is desired to be established.

Moreover, this symbol is said to protect an individual against ill health and is given as a gift during birthdays and anniversaries as a token of long life.

It shields against the hatred and produces love and compassion which furthermore is very essential to have a peaceful and joyous life.

Not just like jewellery, this symbol also comes in different shapes, sizes, geometries, and colours in paintings, tattoos, frames, book covers, and many more.

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Product Dimensions L 9.41 mm X W 12.47 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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