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Harp Pendant

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The harp brings peace and the power to have spiritual healing and creativity. This will help you transform into a cosmic being with immense positivity and virtuous energies.


The Irish symbolism has a great pace for the ancient musical instrument called a Harp.

The harp in question is a Dagda’s harp, which is known to resonate the most melodious music. Seasons were known to progress in harmony at the sounds of this harp.

As the legend goes, this harp was stolen by Dagda’s enemy and was left to be covered in dust on a dilapidated wall. On Dagda’s calling, the harp flew back to him.

This legend has made harp the symbol of loyalty and mysticism. The rich ornamental work usually found on the harp has made it a representation of lyrical majesty and pride.

Anyone harbouring a dream of a majestic musical career must invest in this good luck charm.

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Product Dimensions L 12.35 mm X W 9.97 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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