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Hexahedron Large Pendants

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Cube or Hexahedron

The symbol like what its name suggests (Hexa), is composed of 6 square sides and stands for the element 'Earth'.Many of the natural elements on earth resemble the shape of a cube and thus resonates closely to this sacred geometry of Hexahedron.

It is said that Hexahedron bears a direct connection with the Root Chakra and thus influences the fundamental (core) aspects of our life, leading to a positive change.

Meditating on this symbol assists in grounding our inner energies, reducing tensions, regaining focus, and relieving heavy physical as well as mental stresses. It reconnects our energy to Nature and Earth.

Hexahedron works effectively in building focus on those kids and individuals who suffer a hard time in memorizing things and concentrating.

Moreover, it nullifies the stressed by inducing a sure-shot result-bearing approach in problem-solving.

This means that by eliminating the riddles, it makes our life easier and at peace. So retaining this cube, called the Hexahedron cube is a sacred means of promoting peace, balance, prosperity, positivity, and focus in the life of an individual, which in short means that it controls all the fundamental aspects related to the alignment of our Root Chakra.

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Product Dimensions L 14.97 mm X W 14.97 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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