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Icosahedron Large Pendants

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Made up of 20 equilateral triangles, Icosahedron is the last symbol in the series of five Platonic Solids.

It, however, may have the same number of edges as that of Dodecahedron, but it stands for a totally different element I.e. water and therefore represents an irresistible flow, movement, and change.

From tens of Chakras, Icosahedron is in connection with the Sacral Chakra which triggers sexuality and emotion in the living beings. The chakra bridges different mental and physical realms to induce peace, prosperity, and happiness.

This symbol nurture all the fluids which nourish the body to a better self.

It invokes the creative thought process and eliminates emotional stressors that tend to cut off the creative energies. 

This geometry assists in understanding the emotions to find stability and balance in the areas of fertility and reproduction.

It is suggested to those who find problems in the field of fertility and sexuality.

Icosahedron also removes the murky defective areas where negative energies accumulate to block the natural functioning of life and destiny.

Infusing water element with healing energies is one of the things this geometry does, apart from its very basic functionalities.

Moreover, it builds love and contentment in relationships and thus strengthens a soul in terms of emotions and other critical areas.

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Product Dimensions L 16.04 mm X W 15.15 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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