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Jain Ahimsa Hand Charm

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You can wish a life of non-violence and peace with this Ahimsa charm.


A parish of various symbols this Jain symbol has a set of deeper derivations. The outline of this symbol would be called the universe or the Lok. According to ages of Vedas and Puranas, the lower part of the symbol is meant to represent the seven hells, the middle part of the universe contains the planet we occupy, while the upper part signifies the heavenly abodes of all the celestial beings. Jainism, like in science, believes energy can neither be destroyed nor created simply transferred from one form to another and our world is a big ball of energy.

The raised hand here means ahimsa or non-violence. The message to be understood here is that we should stop for a minute and think twice before taking action. This gives us a chance to save ourselves from the guilt of hurting another being.

The wheel in the hand is meant to warn us in a way that if we do not stop taking the road of violence we would go round and round in the wheel of life and death hence never achieving eternal peace and living the life of chaos.

The four arms of the swastika remind us that our choices in this life would lead us to be one of the heavenly beings or humans or animals or worse hellish beings. It is all our choice and the aim should be to avoid rebirth and achieve liberation from worldly troubles.

The three dots above the swastika represent the three jewels of Jainism; right knowledge, right faith and right conduct. This charm would remind you that the soul achieves salvation not the body as it is merely a vessel and it is our aim to cleanse our soul of karmic impurities.

The small curved arc at the top symbolises the abode of Siddhas. It is the final resting place of the highest of souls. In order to achieve this place, a soul must destroy all attached karmas.

Every living being should strive for this state of salvation.


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Product Dimensions L 13.47 mm X W 7.62 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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