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Kalpavraksha Charm

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Worshipping plants and trees have always been a part of the Indian tradition.

Kalpavriksha is one such sacred tree which is also known as the Wishing tree and is believed to have nourished the very first man with its fruit.

One of the ancient beliefs also says that it should be venerated because of its strong bond with the divine and this is why it is destined to bring more than just fulfilling people's dreams and wishes.

The Sanskrit Literature and other Hindu myths have written evidence of this tree to be a sacred one. One of these myths explained how Indra returned to his abode and planted this tree in the middle of one of his five paradise gardens, called Mt. Meru.

Besides being a critical part of Hinduism, this tree is also worshipped by the Buddhists and Jains.

Its significance in Jainism is evident in the form of 10 sacred trees which apart from fulfilling wishes, also provide garments, utensils, ornaments, pleasant music, shining lamps, aromatic flowers, nourishment, and a place to reside.


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Product Dimensions L 17.03 mm X W 14.95 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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