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Key Charm

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This charm will help you unlock the greatest potential of your consciousness and lock away the fears residing in your heart.


A key gives you power and control over the matrix of the universal consciousness.

Let it be the key to lock away your fears and insecurities.

Let it be the key to unlock your potential and blessings hidden in the matrix.

Let it be the key of knowledge that opens the vast pool of understanding.

Japanese imagine it to be the key to prosperity because it opens the door to the rice granary, their trade place.

In India, it is the mark of power and authority. When a bride enters into her marital home, her mother in law gives her the keys to the house and the safe as a mark of sharing the authority on the household.

It is also the symbol of expressing your love when you give the key to your heart to your beloved. Wear a key and open the door to infinite possibilities

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Product Dimensions L 19.26 mm X W 6.57 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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