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Kubera Mudra Charm

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Kubera Mudra

Kubera mudra is also known as wealth mudra is self-explanatory for its effects.

Elements manipulated by this mudra are air space and fire.

Method: Touch the tips of the index finger and middle finger with the tip of the thumb, while touching the tips of the ring finger and little finger to the base of the thumb. This mudra is performed by both hands with palms facing upwards.

Benefits: This mudra is practised for the fulfilment of desires. Kubera mudra intensifies your desires and strengthens your will power. This mudra is also popular by the name of ‘Three Finger Technique’ and is used to getting your mundane wishes fulfilled. People have used this mudra to get out of tricky situations like traffic tickets or to obtain a parking space, or attract a helping hand, etc. It is super beneficial in developing self- confidence and determination.

Physiologically, this mudra works on sinus congestions and breathing.

Mentally, it brings the calmness in the persona.

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Product Dimensions L 15 mm X W 8 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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