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Laughing Buddha Pendant

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Intend to live your life with “Don’t worry, be happy” motto. Invest in Laughing Buddha.

The Laughing Buddha

Also called Buddha of happiness and abundance, this symbol looks like a bald man with a big fat tummy and a long robe going past the prayer beads around his neck.

You must have seen him at houses, restaurants, businesses, etc. because it brings wealth and prosperity to the owner.

As it looks like an all-time-happy man, he got his name as the “Laughing Buddha” worldwide.

Rubbing his stomach with a positive attitude every day is believed to make all the wishes true.

His beads (worn around his neck) refer to the “pearls of wisdom”.

The statue of him with children symbolises blessing in all areas of life to enhance the positive energy at the location where it is clean possessed and maintained.

Variants in the statue of Laughing Buddha stand for separate meanings of success. Like the one with a bag represents the riches the believer will get. Yet others believe it to be a bag which is used to stuff all your worries and negative riddles adhering to your path of success.

Not just luck and wealth, this symbol also brings positivity, prosperity, harmony, and joy in relationships.

The one with this symbol as statues or as jewellery gets every bit of happiness with dreams turning into reality.

He, with a fan, represents that the owner wants inner peace and spiritual wisdom.

This symbol strengthens the essence of “Don’t worry, be happy” due to its stress-free and contentment-filled approach in brightening lives up.

So to have a long happy life, you should get this Buddha right away. Good luck!

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Product Dimensions L 18.85 mm X W 17.17 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling silver
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