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Linga Mudra Charm

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Linga Mudra

Linga is the Sanskrit term from phallus. This mudra is also known to generate instant heat.

Elements manipulate by this mudra: Fire

Method: Join both the palms. Interlock the fingers. Keep one thumb out in an upward direction. Encircle this thumb with the other thumb.

Benefits: Linga mudra vitalizes the fire element in the body. It is helpful in controlling shivering due to cold weather. As the name suggests it is a remedy for the sexual weakness in males. This mudra should be practised by people who suffer from congestion problems of the respiratory system like asthma, sinusitis, cold and cough, etc.

Since metabolism is linked directly with the fire element in the body, this mudra also helps in weight reduction.

Mentally, Linga mudra makes a person more dynamic and positive.

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Product Dimensions L 13 mm X W 12 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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