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Maneki Neko Charm

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Prosperity and luck will follow you with the help of this charm, this will provide a safe secure environment to producing extreme luck, health, and positivity.

Maneki Neko

This Japanese symbol stands for “the beckoning cat” or “the fortune cat” because of its highly positive influence towards imparting luck to its possessor.

Maneki Neko holds a history of thousands of years where recently, it emerged out to be the most selling figurine worldwide.

The symbol shows a cat beckoning with an upright paw and is displayed at the entrance of restaurants, shops, parlours, businesses, etc.

It comes in different variants of left-paw, right-paw, black, and white. All of these do bring a lot of luck and positivity, but the gestures like waving or beckoning influences different fields at totally different magnitudes.

The feline is considered very lucky due to which it is highly possessed by the people seeking success. Their power to attract money has also fetched them the title of “Money cats”.

Nowadays, it is very common to find jewellery, piggy banks, key chains, pictures, etc. shaped as Maneki Neko.

Not only it attracts wealth and luck but also pulls-in a large no. of customers to your business.

Similarly, the cat with its right-paw up is said to be a sign of success, prosperity, and good health. It even induces love and harmony in your relationships to make them more joyful and prosperous.

For protection from unwanted circumstances or bad incidents, black Maneki Neko is used. So from providing a safe secure environment to producing extreme luck, health, and positivity, Maneki Neko serves everything exceptionally well.

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Product Dimensions L 14.49 mm X W 12.02 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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