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Moon Pendant

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The Moon


Like Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon are symbolized as flag bearers of the masculine and the feminine part of the cosmic energy


As per Genesis 1.16

 "On the fourth day of creation, God created two great lights".  


To rule the day (The Sun) and to rule the night (The Moon)


In Hindu Mythology, Chandra is the God of the Moon. As per one of the many stories about the moon, Chandra is so powerful that the other gods try to swallow him to consume his powerful vitality to strengthen themselves. But, Chandra is so strong that he emerges each time.


This is the reason for the waning and waxing phases of the moon.


Chandra is also worshipped as the God of Fertility.


The Moon's 28 days waxing and waning cycle mirrors the 28-day cycle of menstruation. Because of this similarity in the cycles of the moon and women, the moon is considered to be the representative of the Triple Goddess. Her three forms of Maiden, Mother, and the Crone are represented by Lunar phases of the new moon, Full Moon and Old Moon.


In Modern times, various researchers have established the effect of various phases of the Moon on Mental and Emotional health of Humans.


The Moon's symbol blesses you with the belief in feminine powers of creativity and patience.


In India, a crescent moon pendant is given to young babies, and often adults too, to improve their physical immunity and strengthen their aura to shield from evil eyes.


Invest in a Moon Talisman to form a belief that emotions can be mastered, and depression and mental issues can be overcome.



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Product Dimensions L 15.02 mm X W 3.46 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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