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Nepalese Dorje Pendant

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Nepalese Dorje

Dorje is the Tibetan/Nepalese equivalent of the Sanskrit word “Vajra” meaning “ diamond or thunderbolt”.

Being widely used in Hinduism, it's mainly a part of the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism. Nepalese Dorje is said to have come from a literal ritual object which was a symbol of the Hindu rain God Indra.

Later, an 8th century tantric, Padmasambhava used Dorje to conquer all the non-Buddhist gods in Tibet.

Its symbolism varies with the type of design it has (the no. of spokes, shape, etc.). The syllable hum (hung) involved with it represents freedom from conceptual thoughts, karma, and groundlessness of all religions.

The Nepalese Dorje signifies the thunder-bolt power of enlightenment and also the indestructible part of “Shunyata” (Emptiness).

With Nepalese Dorje wore in hands or as lockets, one gets the confidence and will-power to attain enlightenment, as it destroys ignorance by reflecting the reality of life.

One transcends to perform meaningful actions by bringing his/her ideas as a medium to achieve the impossible. Not just this, Vajrasana (a Yoga Asana) is also influenced by the same symbolism. The highest mental state, for example, is also Vajra Samadhi, which tells that how significant Dorjes are in the Hindu-Buddhist community.

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Product Dimensions L 26.02 mm X W 8.29 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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