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Octahedron Large Pendants

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This Octa-triangular geometry is a beautiful ideogram representing Air and is connected to the Heart Chakra symbolising love, compassion, healing, forgiveness and acceptance.

It recognises the inter dimensionality between the spiritual and physical world.

It is believed that Octahedron is an element of time travel that has been compelling past and future to co-exist with the present.

Octahedron also represents the solar energy streaming from ‘Atana’ (Solar Sun) to the 'Atoma' (Central Sun).

It is a Golden Key for uniting varying time continuums taking place inside the cosmic heart.

These Platonic solid shapes occur regularly being carved on temple walls and in monuments.

It balances multiple forces (negative mainly) with its assets and contributes in healing the undesired phenomenon taking place within a space.

The shape resembles that to the mirror which reflects only the truth. Octahedron's force is thus believed to force an individual’s soul through the phases of the life's reality, but through a supernatural procedure. Thus this geometry is deep in its meaning and exhibit positive frequencies towards changing a person's life.

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Product Dimensions L 15.24 mm X W 21.10 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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