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Om Charm

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Detox and Purify yourself, your environment, your life with Om chanting.


Om is considered one of the most sacred sounds in the Universe.

When Nasa recorded the sounds of the Sun, it came out to be a deep Om.

It is believed that everything came into existence through this sound.

Om enjoys a special place in almost all eastern religions.

Researchers have proved that Om chanting:

1. Helps to improve concentration.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety.

3. Is Rejuvenating and Pacifying.

4. Gives Strength to the spinal cord.

5. Detoxifies body.

6. Improve the functioning of the heart and the digestive system.

7. Ensures sound sleep.

8. Makes you emotionally stable.

9. Improves reasoning ability and reduces negativity.

10. Purifies the environment and creates positive vibrations.

11. Gives you better immunity and self-healing powers.

12. Helps cleanse your skin.

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Product Dimensions L 12.31 mm X W 12.10 mm
Polish Rhodium
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
Stone Cubic Zirconia
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