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Orgone Pendulum Pendant

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Orgone Pendulums

Orgone pendulums are believed to be based upon pseudo-scientific concepts of spirituality which are propelled by the life force to reveal the unseen.

It was in the 1930s when Wilhelm Reich introduced Orgone devices to store Orgone energy from the surroundings to improve health and weather control. Soon, Orgone related materials started storming the market.

Now we have Orgone pendulums, pyramids and crystals as quests for reflecting Divine Knowledge and the feeling of oneness.

This product intends to bring the significance and benefits of Orgone in real life experiences.

More about ORGONE and its Pendulums Orgone is a symbolic name given to the word ubiquitous, which corresponds to the cosmic energy residing in nature and in all living beings.

Orgonite is the source of accumulating this living force (Prana/Chi) through resins, organic materials and precious metals like silver and gold.

These pendulums and crystals bring balance and inner light to whatever you do. By swaying it back n forth, or in a circular motion, you can actually hold conversations with your intuition in a simple “Yes” or “No”.

So apart from bringing wisdom, balance and healing to your inner self, Orgone Pendulums effectively illustrates the feeling of oneness and the outer peace.

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Product Dimensions L 21.16 mm X W 9.42 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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