Why Purple Blessings?

Why Purple Blessings?

Purple is the colour of Crown Chakra also known as "Sahasrara Chakra”.

Physiologically, this chakra represents the head, the brain and the nervous system.

Psychologically, this chakra represents the purest and blissful form of positive thoughts. According to yogic literature, crown chakra is the gateway to infinite consciousness and the highest level of spiritual development.

Colour Purple stimulates crown chakra and energizes our purest thoughts, empowering us to connect to infinite consciousness and reap its blessings. People having crown chakra with purple energy have all their chakras spinning healthily and thus radiates and attract health, peace, love and prosperity effortlessly.

According to ‘The Law of Attraction’, each one of us has the ability to attract, whatever that we focus our thoughts on, into our lives from the universal consciousness.

The jewellery offered by Purple Blessings carries the intention to harness the blessings from the infinite consciousness by invoking the law of attraction to live a fulfilled life. The similar life lived by the evolved beings whose crown chakra emits purest purple energy.