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Owl Charm

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This wise bird will bring you wisdom and protection and help you reach higher standards of living.


These birds are rather mysterious in their spiritual sense as well as in the general meaning due to their marked appearance only in the dark but not during the daytime.

Symbolically, seeking an owl is a way of promoting the self to a higher state where it gets more necessary to view things from a spiritual perspective.

Owls give us a chance to open the doorways to reach out for other realms and connect with the Angels, Ancestors, Devas, and the Divine.

It is directly connected to the element of air which further assists us to see things that might otherwise remain hidden but are some life-changing secrets, truths, and opportunities.

Like how one can never deceive Owls, this spiritual animal teaches us to be true to our self, voice, and vision.

The goddess Athena herself used to treat owls like a sacred identity symbolising wisdom, strategy, protection, and life.

Seekers of owls in the form of jewellery, paintings, scriptures, tattoos, etc. believe that this symbol watches negative elements in one's life and blocks them there only. It takes life smoothly across obstacles in life and this way we approach higher standards of living, not only in this physical world but also across the different mental states.

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Product Dimensions L 17.33 mm X W 9.83 mm
Polish Oxidized
Metal 925 Sterling Silver
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